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About Dr. Shama Panjwani & S.H.E

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Dr. Shama Panjwani holds a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision with a specialization in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Leadership.


She is a National Certified Counselor, a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as an Approved Clinical Supervisor in the state of Georgia.


Her research interests include: reducing mental health stigma, immigration and acculturation issues, social justice and advocacy issues, multicultural issues in counseling, as well as pedagogical approaches used to increase cross-cultural awareness and leadership skills, and mindfulness meditation techniques.


She has been working in the mental health field since 2015 and has worked in a variety of mental health settings: community mental health, outpatient, crisis and hospital settings, and in private practice settings and has experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults. Dr. Shama has experience in treating clients with depression, anxiety, stress, domestic violence, substance abuse, anger management, mood disorders, trauma, grief, cultural issues, and relationship/marital issues.  She is also currently a professor in a counseling program. 


Dr. Shama established SoHolisticEnergy or S.H.E. to provide affordable services to those in need while empowering them. She uses a holistic approach and incorporates various forms of mindfulness and meditations in working with her clients to help them find a true balance in life and align their chakras. She believes when individuals experience issues in one area of their life, the other areas can also suffer. She believes that each individual has the potential to overcome pain and suffering but sometimes needs a little guidance and support. With the right support and the right tools, people would be able to overcome any challenges they may be facing in their lives and live their life more authentically.  They can get closer to their goals, have a better quality of life, and heal by gaining a deeper insight and self-awareness.


Dr. Shama uses authenticity, empathy, and compassion to guide her practice. Creating a safe environment where people feel comfortable to share and be vulnerable so that they can process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is important. She uses a person-centered approach to first lay the foundation.  After which, she uses a combination of techniques from various forms of therapies including: cognitive behavioral, solution focused, positive psychology, mindfulness, and narrative.  She uses a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit, while acknowledging and respecting any religious and spiritual values the clients may have.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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