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Available Services


This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of my clients, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With this 15-minute service, you can share your dilemma and receive information on whether I am a good fit to guide you in resolving your issues and live a fulfilled life. You will get to ask questions about my approach and experience. Whenever you work with me, you can trust that you’re in great hands.


As the world around us changes, it is important to change with it. Diversity and Inclusivity are currently at the forefront of any successful organization working to make their environment open and safe. As a counselor educator who has specialized in cross-cultural psychology and organizational leadership, I can help you identify the problems within your company or organization through proper analysis and help find innovative ways to resolve the issues.


Counseling is a form of self-care practice designed to give individuals time to learn, grow, and heal. Going to counseling does not mean that you have a mental health diagnosis or that you are "crazy". Making this decision is hard but the process can be enlightening and help you grow in a well-rounded manner. I understand you may be nervous to get started and my goal is to make this process as comfortable and beneficial for you as possible.


Holistic wellness means focusing on the now and figuring out ways to improve your quality of life. The focus in this service is to identify ways to help you manage your stress while focusing on being content with your life decisions. You may also learn more about making changes in different areas of your life such as nutrition, exercise and fitness, spirituality, and more. You can trust me to supply you with the best techniques, as well as top quality coaching to meet your goals.


As an Approved Clinical Supervisor, I can help counselors-in-training as well as practicing counselors with difficult cases while keeping the ethical codes and laws in the forefront. My goal here is to provide continuing knowledge and support to help you grow in the field, gain new experiences, challenge yourselves, and find your niche.


I have years of experience in public speaking. I tend to make my presentations and workshops, relevant, relatable, and interactive. This service is available for anyone looking to learn more about a topic as it relates to mental health and holistic wellness no matter the audience. You can request a presentation or a more hands on workshop for your family, community groups, organizations, company, etc.

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